Imagine that you are one of the office staff working the front desk of a school. As we know, this person is a critical communication hub; dealing with students, parents and staff. Every time I’m in a school I marvel at how skilled these individuals are! It would be easy enough to have them also update the digital signage content, right? Well … they would be rockstars at it, but it would be better to share the workload. Especially if the content is coming from other people anyway. We’ve always said “Updating the signage needs to be easier than sending an email”.  If everyone is able to contribute by creating content, you are more likely to be successful.

Another awesome way to keep your content fresh is to not have anyone update it at all! Integrate with other data sources so the information gets automatically updated without someone typing it in. For example your lunch menus, calendars of events, and school news are probably already being entered somewhere else - just have Carousel go grab that info and display it! This is simply an extension of collaboration!

Why it's Important that Everyone Participates

- Diverse Content -
- Share the Workload -
- No Middle Man -
- Fresh Content -
- Different Perspectives -