All The Feels

When people enter your space, how do you want them to feel? Welcomed, informed and connected. A “feeling” of belonging, like you’re on the same page as everyone else, helps a person feel like they are part of a community. Visual communication can set the tone for how one feels. Imagine your signage is in the front of the office and displays positive visuals and messages right at the start of the day. It sets the tone for the day.


  • Displaying a company kudos might trigger a response where “John” congratulates “Jill” when he passes by her in the hall.
  • A simple “Good morning” message might help shape the rest of someone’s day
  • Beautiful imagery inspires and beautiful imagery created by your own team or classmates encourages


Lighten up.  Serious / important content should be reserved for serious and important alerts, infuse the rest with some light hearted humor and warmth.

Let your personality show. Nothing says stale like “generic” … allowing your brand to come through in ALL your communications is important, be sure DS doesn’t get left behind.


If you’ve got nothing to say (which I find hard to believe) bring the outdoors in. Display beautiful imagery of exotic locations, if it’s winter, warm up the office with some sunny beaches. Display team members artwork. Imagery can help enhance the atmosphere of your space and gives viewers a break from constant content (which in turn makes the content more fresh when it is displayed).